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Name:graphics for the graphics throne
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Community description:a free-for-all graphics comm
Q. How do you make your icons?
A. I take screenshots of a show or a comic, and edit them in Photoshop with a bunch of trashy tweaks and layer effects and sometimes textures. Since I just tend to throw everything together haphazardly and crank out anything up to 200 icons a pop in a really rushed and scattered fashion, I'm probably not the one to ask for tutorials. My icons are the junk food to other people's fois gras.

Q. How do you arrange your icons neatly into posts like that?
A. I use this icon table generator. It's neat and intuitive. There are others scattered around the internet if you want a different style.

Q. Why are your icons so inconsistent?
A. I'm still learning.

Q. Why do you take so long to put out icon posts?
A. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q. Like 99% of these are for characters you play as muses.
A. Yeah :^)

Q. You have a nice theme! What is it?
A. It's lovely and it's called Goldfish by [community profile] dustier.

Q. Who runs this journal?
A. [personal profile] smalldeer is the big kahuna. If you'd like to post your graphics here, get in touch! ...Or just, y'know, do it.
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