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babby's first layout 2.0

live preview: [personal profile] carapacing_02

so, i took my first layout, tweaked it, reordered some stuff, and removed most of the tacky stuff. i went less crazy here, and made something a bit cleaner! the code is still a mess though.

still, if you want it, follow the steps! you're also welcome to make as many edits as you see fit, take bits from it, whatever. do what you want


0. (optional) read through the CSS and edit the FUCK out of it

1. go to your journal customisation page

2. select any Tabula Rasa style

3. page setup: 2 Column (sidebar on the left)

4. go to advanced customisation

5. click Custom CSS

6. uncheck "Use layout's stylesheet(s)"

7. paste the "babby's first layout 2.0" CSS into the big box


you may have noticed there's a fancy-looking font on the screenshot! in order to use fancy fonts, you stay on the advanced customisation page and paste a Google web font there. the one i used is called PERMANENT MARKER.

paste that here!

now, listen. you can do this with pretty much any google webfont. but the thing is that in the CSS, you need to make sure you specify when it gets used. so, as an example, ctrl+F for anywhere i've written the following

and remember to change those to the name of the font you're using!

alternatively, you can also get rid of the webfont altogether and just write, like calibri or arial or something. or comic sans. dunno about you but i feel like comic sans always screams "fun"