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[sticky entry] Sticky: Rules

  • Don't start drama
  • Don't steal other people's graphics and claim them as your own
  • Credit where credit is due
  • Respect others
  • If you're going to have an argument, do it over PM.
  • Anyone is free to join whenever they like, and start posting their graphics! Just try to tag things accordingly
  • Try to keep your posts short; put long posts behind a cut, preferably with a preview
  • Tags go like this - canon: fandomgoeshere, canon: charactergoeshere, *icons, *banners, *other etc. Use as many as you need per post
  • Tag nsfw as note: nsfw and make your post's Age Restriction option match
  • Feel free to cross-post, we're not picky
Rules may be added to or edited in future.
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babby's first layout 2.0

live preview: [personal profile] carapacing_02

so, i took my first layout, tweaked it, reordered some stuff, and removed most of the tacky stuff. i went less crazy here, and made something a bit cleaner! the code is still a mess though.

still, if you want it, follow the steps! you're also welcome to make as many edits as you see fit, take bits from it, whatever. do what you want
click for how-to guide )
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babby's first layout

let's be real here for a second: i don't have a god damn clue what i'm doing.

live preview: [personal profile] carapacing

click for a layout that has a lot of editor's comments )
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discord icondump 2: holy buck that's a lot of chaos

[S3E10] Keep Calm And Flutter On (164)
[S4E01/S4E02] Princess Twilight Sparkle (Parts 1&2)
[S4E11] Three's A Crowd

discord icons! there are so many. i went kind of nuts and this isn't even comprehensive. some of these could also maybe pass as mane 6 icons, since he gets up close and personal with them so much.

avert thine eyes if you don't like weird lopsided draconequus face and copious amounts of memelord-tier trolling

oh, alright... friendship is magic! )
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transformers: prime icondump

Starscream - TFP (15)
Predaking - TFP (9)
Rafael Esquivel - TFP (44)
Miko Nakadai - TFP (23)

it protected you, didn't it? )
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icon dump 2: stork twitching in the background

Aerrow - Storm Hawks (29)
Stork - Storm Hawks (41)
Tomoko - Watamote (29)
Misc (them faces, you know the ones) - Justice League International (22)

no matter how i look at it, it's you guys' fault i'm not popular! )
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big icon dump

Riddler - Batman/Gotham Adventures etc. (138)
Icicle Jr. - Young Justice (79)
Music Meister - Batman: The Brave and the Bold (107)

settle the score was a really good pun though )
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riddler icons 2: electric boogaloo

More Riddler icons because I'm a sap. Made from bases sent to me by [personal profile] questionslinger! A lot of these I may or may not have made whilst slightly drunk so they are kind of blinding and awful and I am only half sorry for using them for drunk icon practice. You have been warned. As per Riddler protocol I have left the homo icon on again

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riddler icons

Riddler icons below the cut. All canon artwork, taken from various sources including Batman Confidential, Gotham City Sirens, Hush, and The Batman Adventures. There are a lot. And I'll be doing more. RIP.

Literally, the oldest one in the book. You couldn't resist. )