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babby's first layout

let's be real here for a second: i don't have a god damn clue what i'm doing.

live preview: [personal profile] carapacing

this is me opening notepad, scrawling bits and pieces of code down, laboriously studying how other people made their journal layouts, creating the basest of frameworks i can, and then testing out a few cute little beautification options to see if i can do things like make corners rounded or make a background translucent. and then getting pissed off at all the extraneous junk floating around and sweeping it all under the "display: none" rug.

so let's make this absolutely crystal clear: this is a terrible layout for terrible people and therefore you are wholly encouraged to edit the FUCK out of this layout.

that is why i added LOTS AND LOTS OF EDITOR'S COMMENTS to label stuff and talk about which bits of code affect which components of the page. i ramble a lot in some places. you should be able to use my dumb comments to figure out the basics of how dreamwidth css functions. you're welcome. have fun. and please make a better layout than this one someday.


0. (optional) read through the "babby's first layout" CSS and edit the FUCK out of it

1. go to your journal customisation page

2. select any Tabula Rasa style

3. page setup: 2 Column (sidebar on the left)

4. go to advanced customisation

5. click Custom CSS

6. uncheck "Use layout's stylesheet(s)"

7. paste the "babby's first layout" CSS into the big box


and you're done.

 shine on, you crazy diamonds. 

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